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About Me

I do all sorts of Graphic design. Everything from logos to business cards, posters, flyers, branding, etc.
Everything you can think of I can do for you to bring out the potential of your business.
My heart is to impact the world not only with great designs but creative art that inspires other artists and designers among us.
For me, it's all about you and how I can develop your business towards greater marketing to capture clients' attention through your business.

Art has always been one of my outlets in life, and I do this not only because of that but to express emotion, character, and also creativity to the next level.
If you need a self-portrait of a legend character design of yourself ranging from paintings up to drawings or illustrations, our pricing can provide for you. Art not only speaks words or emotion, but it can relate to us in a very special way. We believe that reaching others through art is a great tool for the future

JJ Raynders

JJ Raynders

Graphic Designer,
Artist and Musician

I am a certified and professional Graphic designer with a degree in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and many other programs.

Art and design have always been an interest of mine since a young age and I like to think outside the box.
Art and designing things isn't just a hobby, it's a passion and talent that keeps pushing and driving me towards success.

I always do my best to make sure my clients are happy and I believe that respect is one of the greatest characteristics that lead not only towards great friendships but becoming successful wherever you Go


Graphic Design

  • Logo's R 250
  • Business Card's R 250
  • Email Signatures's R 70
  • A3 Poster's R 200
  • Advertisments Wedding & Formal InvitationsR 200
  • BrouchersR 200
  • FlyersR 200
  • Magazine Design (100 pg & up)R 500
  • BillboardsR 400
  • LetterheadsR 180

Advertisment Video's

  • Animated Logo Intro R 280
  • Social Media Adverty 30sec R 300
  • Social Media Adverty 1min R 350
  • Social Media Adverty 2-3min R 400
  • Social Media Adverty 3-4min R 450

Restaurent Package

  • Restaurent Menu R 200
  • Social Media 4 Adds R 400
  • Total Depending On ammount of Menu Pages

Branding Package

R 3000
  • Logo, Logo Intro, Brouchers, Business Cards, Letterheads, Email Signatures, A3Poster, Social Media Advert 5 Ads, Branding Clothing

Art Prices

  • Contact me for further details

Our Customers Say

  • I am very satisfied with the work I have received and I am so exited to take my business higher withteh help of JR art & Design.
    Angie Mc Aslin
    Angie Mc Aslin
    Angie Mc Aslin
  • If you need some designing done. This business has you covered - No hassle, quick and easy!
    Leander Farrell
    Leander Farrell
    Leander Farrell
  • I got exactly what I needed, I admire his communication skills ,i;d love to see him do more of this
    Kyle Marmce
    Kyle Marmce
    Kyle Marmce
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